LiftRite Titan Low Profile Brochure

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Lift-RiteInc.,55 Walker Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 5K5 • Phone (905) 456-2603 • Fax (905) 456-1383 • Web

ISO 9001:2000 REGISTERED Quality Management System ISO 14001:2004 REGISTERED Environmental Management System

Owners Manual /Operating Instructions April 2008


Lift-Rite has been ISO 9001:2000 REGISTERED

Quality Management System

Lift-Rite has been ISO 14001:2001 REGISTERED

Environmental Management System


Lift-Rite Inc. will guarantee this product against material or manufacturing defects provided the truck has not been abused and

is used under normal conditions*. Lift-Rite Inc. will provide replacement components for those deemed defective by Lift-Rite Inc.

under the terms listed below for the following model: LIFT-RITE TITAN MODEL - LCR/ LCS/ LCM/ LCU MODELS

The complete hydraulic pump and handle assembly is covered for (24) months. The chassis and associated components are covered

for (12) months. Wearable components such as wheels, rollers, and bushings are covered for (6) months.

All warranty periods begin as of date of purchase. This warranty does not include labor or miscellaneous costs involved in the

replacement of any components determined to be defective. In order to claim for warranty, you must supply the truck serial number,

as well as date of purchase. *Any truck used under adverse conditions, such as fish, meat or poultry processing plants, tanneries,

freezer applications, or any other application where the unit is operating in water or subjected to fluid or chemicals, is NOT covered

under any warranty. Bent, twisted or misaligned forks are clear signs of abuse and not covered under warranty.




Pull up on finger tip control and hold while pumping

the handle 8-10 times to bleed air from the system

Pump does not lift load

An air lock in the hydraulic


Turn nut (21094) on chain anchor clockwise until

pumping action while in neutral does not raise forks.

Lifting, neutral does not

function properly

Chain anchor out of adjustment

Pull up on finger tip control and hold while pumping

the handle 8-10 times to purge the valve system

Forks raise and sink

with pump action

Dirt or foreign particle caught

in cone valve seat.

Refer to procedure for adding hydraulic oil

in the maintenance section.

Pump does not lift load to

complete raised height

Pump is low on oil due to

oil leakage

Refer to push bar linkage adjustment in

the maintenance section.

Forks are not lowering


Push jam nut loose/ Push bars

require adjustment.

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