Baoli KBG25 Specifications

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KION North America Corporation

2450 West 5th North Street, Summerville, SC 29483

Phone: 843 875 8000 Truck Sales Fax: 843 875 8471


Standard truck meets all applicable mandatory requirements

of ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 standards for powered industrial trucks.

NOTE: Performance data may vary due to motor and system

efficiency tolerances. The performance depicted represents

nominal values obtained under typical operating conditions.

Metric dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise speci-

fied. All metric dimensions are not direct equivalents due to

rounding data. The descriptions and specifications included

on this data sheet were in effect at the time of printing. KION

North America Corporation reserves the right to make improve-

ments and changes in specification or design without notice and

without incurring obligation. Please check with your authorized

Baoli dealer for information on possible updates or revisions.


Truck Design

Operator Compartment


IMPCO K25 2.5L engine

500-hour oil change interval

Proven durable technology

Quick response to changing


Fully suspended cab

Wide rear view design

All-in-one control box for onboard


Removable suspension

Easy access for repairs

Engine hood opens to a 90° angle

Easy accessibility of transmission oil

gauge and brake oil gauge

KION standard torque converter

Low center of gravity

Standard KION structure painting



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