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Many retailers and direct store delivery (DSD)

operations across North America are in the

process of adopting new delivery methods,

procedures and equipment due to changes in the

competitive retail landscape.

Due to the proliferation of various store formats and

the growth of ecommerce, retailer profit is becoming

increasingly reliant on new product introductions,

SKU expansion and promotions, while competition

for traditional staples continues to grow.

For many years in retail, the core of the store had

been where operators made their money. Full pallet

loads of popular consumer packaged goods

delivered on 40 x 48 pallets once or twice a week

from a large distribution center was the norm.

Today however, this is changing.

Many store operators now must make their money

on the store perimeter, since basics can now be

found virtually anywhere and everywhere. More

frequent store replenishment, more items in smaller

quantities, and the use of small pallet formats are

becoming a bigger portion of the retail supply chain.

With all that extra material handling, removing the

number of touches and worker strain from rack to

shelf can create considerable savings. Whether it

be at a store location, cross-dock, or warehouse,

new equipment like the Big Joe D40 is being

developed to help support these objectives.

The D40 and Half Pallet Delivery Solutions

Research findings show that a typical retailer loses about

4 percent of sales due to having items out-of-stock. [1]




So what makes the D40 special as part of a half

pallet solution?

Size, weight, construction, and technology in short.

Compared to competitive equipment the D40 is both

smaller and lighter for starters, having the same

wheelbase as a manual pallet jack. This makes the

unit very maneuverable in trailers, on lift gates, or in

tight store aisles and warerooms.

With a lower gross weight than traditional units, the

D40 treads lightly on commercial tiles and flooring.

On occasion this can also allow for an extra pallet to

be placed on a delivery truck either to or from a store

location, which transportation folks appreciate.

The construction of the D40 features a narrow 25”

chassis that can go places some equipment simply

cannot access. With the forks configured for half

pallets, an entire load from stem to stern can transit

through doorways with ease, which reduces

damage and reduces delivery time.

The D40s unique clamshell design provides good

weather resistance to internal components and

houses a built in 120v charger making deployment

very simple for new users. Power for an entire day’s

deliveries comes in the form of an AC drive motor

matched to AGM dry cell batteries that are free of

regular maintenance and ensure solid reliability.

The D40 is certainly a great tool for the last move.

With several available options the D40 can be

further tailored to meet the needs of specific types

of deliveries or cover a range of pallet types should

that be required. Product options include:

Multiple fork configurations

Multiple load back rest sizes and types

Load restraints, Tool trays for documents & electronics

Stability casters, Traction tires, Tandem load wheels

A wide range of programming options

Build to suit development and manufacturing

And really it’s about time.

Using the same equipment built for full pallets and

using 40x48 pallets to deliver less than full pallet

loads is just too wasteful given trends in retail. It is

also proving to be too detrimental to top line same

store sales, and has thus gotten the attention of the

C-suite in many organizations.

Given the continuing spread and importance of

new SKUs, keeping from being out-of-stock (OOS)

is increasingly challenging.

When losses in patronage and revenue are

examined, it is clear to many retailers that how

they distribute and what they distribute on is

something they need to look at. Research findings

show that a typical retailer loses about 4 percent of

sales due to having items out-of-stock. [1]

[1] Grocery Manufacturer's Association: Worldwide OOS Study

Half Pallet Delivery Solutions:

Reduce occurrences of OOS by supporting smaller,

faster, frequent replenishment.

Reduce material handling costs through the

elimination of double handling.

Improve driver retention & quality of life due to the

reduction in physical labor.

Can increase sales through more timely and easier

deployment of merchandizing through the use of

floor ready displays.


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