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Whether Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile broadband technology, all

the options are available for your fleet data communications.

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Our connect portfolio is modular in design, allowing you to

choose precisely the functions for your fleet that you actually


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The connect pre-op check app simplifies vehicle checks

and simultaneously provides access control.

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Reports and Analysis

Make your fleet as efficient as possible. Over 15 different

interactive reports are available for that purpose.

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How Linde connect products interact to make your day-to-day

work easier.

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Plan fleet usage, manage drivers’ details, monitor and

manage vehicles, analyze data, and generate reports: thanks

to our programs, you can handle all of this effortlessly

from your desk.

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We make your fleet intelligent

Our software and hardware connect your vehicles and deliver comprehensive information,

allowing you to make efficient use of your fleet.


Our hardware will reliably communicate with a vehicle, collate

infor mation, and transmit it wirelessly.

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The Linde Academy offers courses for connect:desk users

focusing on a variety of subjects.

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Exploit the opportunities offered by

digitization: Modern machinery constantly

collects data that gives an insight into its

state and its capacity utilization. We at Linde

connect make this data available to you

locally or via the Internet. With the connect

product family, we have developed

a fleet management solution that connects

your vehicles and your staff, meaning you

are always up to date on the status of your

logistics in your production plants or your

warehouses. This transparency makes using

your fleet safer and more economical, and

increases the availability of each vehicle.

→ Transparency

→ Cost-effectiveness

→ Security

→ Service optimization



The connect hardware components

connect your vehicles and databases

using communi ca tion technology. The

hardware collects data from sensors and

control unit and passes it on.

Access control

With connect:ac, you can control access to

your fleet: who is currently behind the wheel

of which vehicle? This creates the basis for

your planned fleet usage.

Vehicle data

connect:dt documents the usage of fleet

vehicles: Has a vehicle been used a lot or has

it often been idle? Have there been accidents?

Is the vehicle functional?

Usage analysis

connect:an enables fleet managers to analyze

and monitor the performance of their fleets:

How often does a vehicle make a trip or lift

something? How much energy does it consume?

Transmission technologies of the fleet

management systems are diverse.

According to requirements and equip-

ment you can choose the technology that

suits you best.

→ Data transmission via GPRS,

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

→ Wireless transmission of firmware

and function updates

→ Straightforward retrofitting of

existing vehicles thanks to simple


Electronic key

Pre-shift check via app

Electronic damage monitor

Automated error code

transmission from truck

Digital usage analysis

Digital battery maintenance

Digital logbook


Transmission technologies


The connect software gives you a clear

view of all your fleet data. It is used to

manage vehicle and driver data, and it

makes it easy to generate reports.

Data constantly updated

Tailored and automated reporting

Suitable for all fleet sizes

A wide range of customization

options and intuitive operation

Our fleet management solution consists of various hardware and software modules. connect offers

you transparent data on usage and vehicle deployment, as well as an overview of planned service

intervals and upcoming driver training. For you that means improved on-site traffic safety, higher

vehicle availability and increased cost-effectiveness.


connect:desk – the data cockpit

The connect:desk application is the centerpiece of our connect portfolio. This is where

all the data collected by the hardware comes together and is analyzed and monitored.

The software is used to manage the drivers, the vehicles, and the fleet as a whole,

putting all the relevant information at your fingertips.


connect:desk displays information broken

down by company organization and

assigns the drivers accordingly.


connect:desk reminds you about regular

fleet maintenance and driver training,

and assists you in planning work rotas to

accommodate these measures.


connect:desk presents you with the

key vehicle data, clearly displayed on a

customized dashboard – or in the form of

detailed analyses and reports relating to

individual vehicles, drivers, or divisions.

Number of users and features of the soft-

ware are fully scalable and the user interface

is intuitive. connect:desk is therefore equally

suited to vehicle fleets both large and small.

Not only experienced fleet managers with

complex tasks, but also occasional users

who only need individual functions find it

easy to use.

connect:desk is normally installed on a PC

or notebook. There is also an optional browser

version. Simply ask your dealer about it. The

database can be hosted on a local server or at

Linde Material Handling. This gives you full

control of your data. Any number of users can

be incorporated, and their access rights and

available functions can be configured


→ Maps the organizational structures

of individual divisions or of the entire


→ Assignment of drivers and vehicles to

one or more organizational levels

→ Management of access rights based on

the vehicle type, driver’s license, and

period of validity

→ Planning and monitoring of vehicle


→ Planning of training and refresher courses

→ Digital archiving driver and vehicle


→ Generating interactive reports in the form

of tables and diagrams

→ Generating analyses of fleet optimization

and vehicle usage

→ Automatic e-mail dispatch of individually

configured reports and messages


Data Communication

Communication between the vehicle and connect:desk can be realized with various

systems. You can choose the best way to transmit your data: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile


Which requirements determine your infrastructure?

Choose the perfect transmission technology for your

needs. You do not have to worry about other processes!

All three transmission methods automatically run in the

background without the driver or fleet manager actively

having to play a part. Incidentally, all three options can be

combined and used in one fleet. The data can be hosted

locally with you or at Linde Material Handling.


... are industrial computers or PCs with a

Linde Bluetooth stick that collect data from

vehicles via Bluetooth. The software

controls communication, processes the data

and delivers it to the database so that it

is available in connect:desk.



Data transmission

Hosted locally or

with Linde




→ No interference in Wi-Fi network

→ Cost-effective: As a rule, already

factory installed. A few SyncPoints on

your company grounds are already

sufficient for data transmission.

→ Data security: Data remains inside

the company.

→ Data security: Data remains inside

the company.

No new infrastructure required:

connect uses the existing Wi-Fi

network within the company.

Current data: Blanket coverage

enables data to be transferred

regularly and kept up-to-date in


→ Authentication on basis of IT

standards: Authentication is carried

out with WPA2 (password) or

WPA2-Enterprise (certificates).

→ No infrastructure required: No

hardware is required on company


Indoor and outdoor coverage:

Vehicles can transmit data indoors

and outdoors. The strength of the

connection depends on the network

of the mobile broadband operator.

Fast and simple installation:

The data unit is easy to retrofit on

older vehicles.





When the vehicle comes

within range of a SyncPoint,

data is automatically accessed

and transmitted via Bluetooth.

Data is transferred directly

from the vehicle to the data-

base within the wireless


Data is transmitted to the

database over the mobile

broadband network.

Your benefits at a glance

Vehicle components

On-site infrastructure

Retrofit kit: The Bluetooth retrofit kit

is available for older vehicles that

do not have Bluetooth. It can be

ordered from the central spare parts

warehouse in Kahl.

The vehicle has to be equipped with

a Wi-Fi box, which is available as a

retrofit kit.

Almost all new vehicles can be

ordered with an online box fitted

in the factory.

Retrofit kits are available for many

older vehicle models; they can be

fitted in a few simple steps.

SyncPoints are installed at

favourable locations in the plant where

trucks always pass (e.g. at charging

stations, traffic hubs or parking spaces).

→ Experts from connect carry out the

one-time setup procedure on site.

→ Cooperation with the company’s IT

department is necessary to imple-

ment Wi-Fi transmission.

→ No additional infrastructure,

such as Syncpoints or Wi-Fi hotspots,

is required for data transmission.










More than 15 interactive reports about your fleet

The connect:desk software enables you to access over 15 different interactive reports on the

entire fleet and individual areas, vehicles or drivers. The data is represented in easy-to-under-

stand diagrams and tables. You will always know exactly who used which truck when and how.

These categories of reports are available:


List of all recorded

events for each vehicle


Overview of usage and

utilization of all vehicles


Service and main-

tenance schedules

of all vehicles at a



Overview of driver

data and vehicle

availability and distri-


Shocks: The shock data enables you to

find out when a driver has given a vehicle

a jolt – e.g. caused by a collision or a

pothole. This increases drivers’ sense of


Operating hours forecast: Expected fleet

operating hours are calculated on the

basis of real vehicle usage data. You can

determine whether the system should

predict the number of operating hours

up to a specific time or the time at which

a specific number of operating hours is


Availability: This diagram shows whether

vehicles are being used, have been

parked or are being serviced or repaired.

The bars indicate how much potential

operational capacity individual vehicles

and the entire fleet still have.

Truck usage: Here you will find detailed

information about how a vehicle is used:

How long is a driver logged in? How high

is the proportion of journeys and lifts

during that time?

The most important reports at a glance:




Vehicle check via smartphone

Simplify the vehicle check before each

shift and at the same time create

effective access control – with the aid

of the pre-op check app and the

connect:ac pre-operational check function.

Completing a smartphone checklist

ensures that the truck can only be

started when a check has been carried

out and the vehicle is fully operational.

Damage or irregularities can be docu-

mented with a photo and immediately

reported to the fleet manager.

The checklist configurator allows the fleet

manager to freely define the desired

questions on vehicle condition to suit the

requirements of the job or the location.

It is also possible to specify when a check

is successful and the vehicle can be started,

as well as the conditions under which it

shuts down or requires a photo to be taken

for documentation purposes.

→ Improved safety on company grounds

→ Automatic email report of the checklist

results in real time

→ Photographic record of vehicle damage

or irregularities

→ Regular survey of vehicle condition

→ Freely definable questions

→ Recording of questions and answers

for later analysis possible

The various connect hardware components are the link between your fleet, the database,

and the connect software. They collect and transfer control and sensor data or serve

as an electronic ignition switch. Our hardware components can be ordered ex works with

new vehicles or are available as a retrofit kit.


Teaching your forklift to talk

1 connect:access unit (CAM)

The access unit (CAM) is available in

two different versions: drivers can

identify themselves to a vehicle either

by means of a personal PIN or using

an RFID chip. Vehicle data such

as shock readings are transmitted to

the SyncPoints via Bluetooth.

This unit is likewise available as a

retrofit solution.

2 Connectivity retrofit kits

Is part of your fleet not equipped with

your chosen transmission technology?

Then it is easy to upgrade to wireless

data communications with the appro-

priate retrofit kit for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or

mobile broadband.

3 connect:data unit (CDX)

The data unit (CDX) logs the data on

the vehicle and transmits it to the

Linde cloud via the cell phone network.

It can also send commands back to the

vehicle controls. The unit also down-

loads firmware updates and additional

functions via the cell phone network

Retrofitting the connect:data unit is

easy and takes very little time.

The unit is directly connected to the

vehicle controls and is operational




Edson Cruz

Solutions Specialist


Electronic damage monitor

Digital usage analysis

The electronic key

Pre-shift check via app

Digital logbook

Digital battery maintenance

Automated error code

transmission from truck

Linde connect




The Linde Academy in Aschaffenburg offers various training courses for using connect:desk.

Our trainers will also happily travel to your premises to provide group training sessions.

We sit down with you and put together just the

right training components to suit your needs.

We help you choose and install everything from

the necessary infrastructure all the way up to

the finalized connect solution. If questions arise

during ongoing operations, support is provided

by experts from your contract partner or Linde


For more information on the subject

of training please contact us:

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