Linde MT12 Brochure

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Braking System

> Highly-efficient electromagnetic brake

applied by moving the tiller to fully up or

down position

> Automatic braking on releasing traction

butterfly or reversing direction

> Truck slows before coming to a stop,

remaining under total control at all times

> Quick-disconnect power cutoff


> Plug and play system

> Li-ION technology

> 20Ah (standard) and 26Ah (optional)

> Up to 3 hours of use

> 2.5-hour charging time

External Charger

> Enables opportunity charging at any

convenient power point

> Easy plug and fast charging

> Wall-mounted


> Reliable and precise battery

discharge indicator

> Operating hour meter

> Faults code indication

> Battery management system


> Traction and lift controls grouped on

ergonomic tiller head

> Dual butterfly control levers for use

with either hand

> Control lever for manual lowering

> Belly switch on tiller head stops truck

when actuated

> Key switch - USB type

Traction and Lift System

> 0.65 kW DC drive motor

> Adjustable parameters: travel speed

(up to 2.8 mph) and acceleration

> Electrical lifting

> Manual lowering


> Robust metal bumper protects drive

system and components

> Features a low chassis skirt but still

allows dockboard use

> Long, low-mounted tiller ensures

operator is comfortable distance from

the truck

> Rugged, reinforced fork structure

provides safe handling of loads up to

2,600 lbs.

ANSI: Standard truck meets all applicable mandatory requirements of ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 standards for powered industrial trucks.

NOTE: Performance data may vary due to motor and system efficiency tolerances. The performance depicted represents nominal values obtained under typical operating conditions. Metric dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise specified. All metric dimensions are not direct equivalents due to rounding data. The descriptions and specifications included on this data sheet

were in effect at the time of printing. KION North America Corporation reserves the right to make improvements and changes in specification or design without notice and without incurring obligation. Please check with your authorized Linde dealer for information on possible updates or revisions.


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